Alim Kelkitlioğlu, who founded a large jewelry chain by unlocking the secret of mute stones, is a master jeweler from Anatolia. His path has led him from his stone bench in Istanbul, where he once lived, to establishing a large company. Because he is a determined, determined and faithful family man, a fair and hardworking businessman.

Starting from scratch with his wife Firdevs and three children, he is now the owner of the Ferin Diamond brand, which is imported to many parts of the world. Kemal, his favorite son, married a foreign woman against his family's wishes and has not seen his family for 20 years. 

Kemal arrives in Turkey for his sister's wedding and big surprises await him. Alim Kelkitoğlu unexpectedly falls ill with an unfortunate disease. Now a big test awaits him. Because he wants to leave his company to his son Kemal, not Arzu or Abbas. Let's see if Kemal will be able to take over the company.