About Us

Founded in 2019 by Kadir Doğulu, Âlim Yapım is a production company that believes in the power of art, creativity and honesty. Âlim Yapım's experience, vision, creative identity and enthusiastic team of experts in their fields produce original and impressive projects on national and international film, TV series and digital content platforms. Our mission is to bring unique stories to life; to transcend the boundaries drawn, to say new things by being aware of its source, to create unforgettable works for its audience by bringing new talents and unique perspectives to life in every project. At the same time, we strive to guide the creative laborers of art in every field, contribute to their development and create fair opportunities. Our vision is to work with great excitement and meticulousness as a production company that is aware of the responsibility we take in every project we bring to life and to offer our contribution to the world where art and technology merge. We continue on our way with the hope that our cultural values, the basis of which is the love of humanity, will touch hearts in every corner of the world. Feel free to contact us. We invite you to the fascinating world of Âlim Yapım to share your projects and unique stories with us.